Shadow Gypsies is a casual playtime, hardcore PvP/WvW guild that has been together for over twenty three years and has been PvPing since Meridian 59 in ’91. A dedicated motley crew of friends intent on wrecking your day to alleviate their real life workplace frustrations. Our player base is “old gamer.” We do not tolerate drama queens, cheats, l33ts, hax, or whiners. We PvP on the internet to smash them , as we can not legally smash them IRL. SG is a tight knit active guild. We are mainly WvW centric with a focus on causing as much mayhem on maps as we can while enjoying the deaths of our enemies and even ourselves in the most spectacular fashion we can think of at the moment. If you are looking for a gaming “home” with a guild whose player base on average has been in the guild for a decade or more and you enjoy WvW and PvP, (we do some PvE) contact one of us in game.

This is SG

“Because they thought it was good sport. Because some folks
aren’t looking for anything logical, like gear or money.
They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.
Some folks just want to watch the world burn.”


  • “I’ve run with [SG] a couple times now, and these guys do not fail to deliver both the bags, and the fun. They’re always in TS, always laughing and having a great time. If you’re looking for a great, well established Guild with a great community and a family feel to it, SG is the place for you!”
  • “One of the best wvw guild in gw2 history.”
  • “A bump for SG, keep bringing the bags and our enemies tears. Great job!”
    Omega Mccoy.4237