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Game Update Notes – May 16, 2017

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  1. Profile photo of Zakitty

    Hey, is this Mance’s Shadow Gypsies? Are they still active on jade quarry GW2? If so Zakitty and Rorhall have resubscribed to GW2 and looking for our old guild SG.

    • Profile photo of Mance

      Yes it is! Get your butt’s into guild!

      • Profile photo of Zakitty

        not sure how to get in touch with anyone on this game there is not a /who command to find shadow gypsies members

        • Profile photo of Shadowsong.2569

          Message Mance.5640 in game. That is his display name, he will be able to hook you up with a guild invite to Shadow Gypsies.

  2. Profile photo of Shadowsong.2569

    Yeah, this is Mance’s Shadow Gypsies, they moved to Darkhaven. He is registered to the website. You can find him under members and PM him.

  3. Profile photo of Oxcarz

    Take a look at Albion….its like the new Ultima Online. Maybe I’ll reload GW2 if you retards insist on staying in GW2. Ox

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